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Thank you Janpeter


Much appreciated.





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Hi William,


I am hearing a commercial for Restaurante Los Valencianos. A google search reveales that such a restaurant exists in Lorca, Murcia. I have an entry in my list which gives a Radio Disco in Lorca on 87.7 MHz. Another google search seems to confirm that this tx exists. At least there is a web site.

If you would assume the received PS to be scrambled, and you shift some letters from the first text block to the second and vice versa, you can get at least very close to a correct PS of RADIO___ DISCO___. So I would bet that this is what you received.


73, Janpeter


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alguien me podria ayudar ID esta estación recibí hoy via E esporádica?



Could someone help me ID this station I received today via Sporadic E?



Date: 8 June 15

FREQ: 87.70

PI Code: E038

Partial PS Code: DEEC????  And ??SI????


Audio Recording:






73's de William Kitching. {G4FBZ}
Located in Telford, Shropshire. U.K.
52° North, 2° West.


5 ele horiz, 5 ele vert, 3 ele horiz and a Halo.
Sony ST-SB920 tuners.
Software: RDS SPY 1.02 rev6





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