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Re: [fmdx] Re: #fmdx : Unid's


My Algerian friend confirms:


1st one was in Berber or as we call it in French  Kabyle (Chaine 2) their main HQ is in Algiers

2nd one also is Radio el Bahdja with thei main office in Algiers too"

Paul Logan, Lisnaskea, N. Ireland Listening Homepage: Video:

On Thursday, 11 June 2020, 23:41:27 BST, Paul Logan [fmdx] <> wrote:


89.3 I think is Chaine 2 from  Tabelbala
91.9 is Adrar
91.5 to my ear though is Radio El Bahdja  -  I have also heard French from this station like on your recording.

I have an Algerian friend I will get him to listen to 89.3 / 91.5 for an even better opinion.


Paul Logan, Lisnaskea, N. Ireland

On Tuesday, 9 June 2020, 19:22:56 BST, Miquel Nicolau Amer [fmdx] <> wrote:



Can you help me identify these radio stations that I received this morning?
There were a lot of signals coming from Algeria and Morocco but all of
them without RDS

Thank you!


Majorca (Spain)


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