lunes, 10 de abril de 2017

Quick call requested. 4 PM tomorrow?

Hi There,

I recently came across some reviews, and your app seems to be taking a lot of permissions, and thus handles a lot of user data. (Google treats security seriously and may un-publish your app if excessive reports are published.)

Gartner claims that over 75% of all apps are vulnerable! A lot of app developers don't conduct pen-tests before each release, and this could prove to be harmful.

In working with hundreds of developers, we've helped cut down time + cost to a fraction, by automating security testing before every single release. SH1ELD tests, gives you results, you fix, re-validate...and done!

-- If Security is a priority, and you're looking to get it done at the most cost-effective price + automate it, then we can probably help.

-- Can we set up a call? Does 4 pm, tomorrow work for you? (your time)

Await your revert. Thanks in advance.